Celebrating World IP Day: Is the Innovative Future Sustainable?

ACG Advocacy Partner Marla Grossman discusses the World IP Day theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the attached article and how aligning innovations with SDGs through patent mapping can be a powerful strategy for driving sustainable technological development.

Pictured: Grossman with ACG Client Marco Richter, Head of Global Customer Success and Managing Director for LexisNexis PatentSights, who was a speaker at a USPTO/USCO/IPO World IP Day event on Capitol Hill

This article has been edited for brevity. To view in its entirety, visit https://ipwatchdog.com/2024/04/25/celebrating-world-ip-day-innovative-future-sustainable/id=175820/#

“Given this year’s World IP Day’s theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it behooves us to consider the many ways in which aligning innovations with SDGs through patent mapping can be a powerful strategy for driving sustainable technological development:

  1. Informed Decision Making: Patent analytics provide valuable insights into the technological landscape related to sustainability. By mapping patents to specific SDGs, decision-makers can identify gaps, trends, and opportunities for innovation in areas crucial for sustainable development.
  2. Strategic Resource Allocation: With data-driven insights from patent mapping, policymakers and businesses can allocate resources more effectively. This ensures that investment and effort are directed towards areas where they can have the most significant impact on achieving sustainability goals.
  3. Facilitating Collaboration: Patent mapping fosters collaboration among stakeholders by highlighting areas where inventive contributions are most needed. It enables partnerships between businesses, research institutions, and governments to develop sustainable solutions collaboratively.
  4. IP Department Benefits: IP departments can leverage patent mapping to gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable technology developments. This knowledge allows them to advise businesses strategically on sustainability matters, enhancing the company’s overall sustainability strategy.
  5. Business Advantages: Aligning innovations with SDGs can enhance a company’s financial profile by appealing to socially conscious consumers, purchasers, and licensees. It positions the business as a leader in sustainability, which can contribute to brand loyalty and competitiveness in the market.

By actively linking innovations to SDGs through patent analytics, organizations can play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable development and contributing to a better world for future generations.”