The ACG Team

Marty Wiethorn Associate Advisor ACG Advocacy

Marty Wiethorn

Marty Wiethorn is a native Washingtonian with many years of experience dealing with busy, high-powered politicians and CEOs. She worked on Capitol Hill as a scheduler for the late Congressman Goodloe E. Byron (D-MD) and his successor, Congresswoman Beverly Byron (D-MD). Ms. Wiethorn is the key point of contact for all office communications and correspondence, including coverage of the office reception area, phone communications, incoming and outgoing mail flow, and electronic correspondence. Further, Ms. Wiethorn helps direct the numerous in-house office events at ACG Advocacy, of which there are many on a weekly basis.

Ms. Wiethorn graduated cum laude from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in English and a minor in History.

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