Any policy initiative
from start to finish

At ACG Advocacy, we integrate a comprehensive array of services.

Our deep bench of professionals can handle everything from addressing targeted needs to providing the full range of services that can tackle a major Washington initiative from start to finish.

Government Affairs & Risk Mitigation

In any campaign, you need both “boots on the ground” and the ability to see the field ahead. We have the tactical capacity and strategic vision to determine the best balanced approach. We can help your organization assess the landscape to anticipate political forces, make the right first impression, build new relationships, and seize every market and policy opportunity. We help our clients define their end objective. From there, we build and execute a successful, custom strategy by working side by side with each client and considering each client’s unique culture and ethic.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Policy and regulatory analysis

Legislative and regulatory strategy

Coalition development and management

Strategic assessment and planning

Bipartisan relationships

PAC strategy and management

Coalition Management

Larger projects often involve multiple actors and participants in order to succeed. But too often, these projects can become unwieldy, choked by an inefficient flow of information and stymied by a lack of clarity on execution. Our strategists have managed large and complex organizations and handled intricate negotiations. We can assist your firm in managing coalitions and teams of people, and work with you to ensure that these large undertakings stay on track to deliver the targeted results.

Our professional network extends far beyond Washington. We have long held relationships with governors, state legislators, mayors, and opinion leaders across the country who can join us to refine and spread your message.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Organizational development and management

Message development and advocacy strategy

Organizational development and management

Message development and advocacy strategy

Public Relations & Strategic Communications

In Washington, information is currency. Timely, targeted, and meaningful information directed toward Members of Congress and their staff becomes a crucial part of their legislative decision making process. We help our clients remain relevant in this process by working with you to develop strategic opportunities for engagement, managing your political profile, and facilitating new alliances. We use a range of public communication and media relations tactics to target the decision makers who need to hear your message.

Our Proven Process Involves

Message development

Online advocacy

Issues management

Media relations

Reputation Positioning

Corporate Business Development

For our corporate clients, we facilitate opportunities to sell products and services to the government, participate in new government initiatives, and navigate the processes necessary to maximize the value of existing government programs. We provide critical insight and the political interpretation necessary to understand the full business impact of public policy developments.

How We Achieve Success

Analyze the status and potential outcomes of time-sensitive issues that impact a particular strategy

Facilitate opportunities to sell products and services to the government

Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate PAC strategy and management

Site Selecting Services

Our government relations experts have years of experience helping clients discover value in the public sector. Underestimating, or misunderstanding, how the public sector is driven by political forces can result in unforeseen costs and delays.  While tax incentives and other economic development tools are often the deciding factors when firms are making their investment decision, knowing whether a site has strong political support, or lack of it, can be the difference between two competing sites. 

Our firm provides insightful political intelligence for firms, foreign and domestic, looking to invest in the U.S. Our analyses provide companies with a comprehensive study of the political climate surrounding their targeted sites for investment and a clear roadmap for their engagement with public officials. We can tailor our work to meet the size of the investment, the industry vertical, and the unique political factors of the sites in question.

Our Approach

Political analysis for capital investment sites

Detailed research of political stakeholders with geographic jurisdiction

Analysis of state and local economic development programs

Strategic assessments and comparative analyses for multiple sites

We support many different industries





Financial Services



Intellectual Property









Secure IIJA Funding

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill with $550 billion allocated to state municipalities, local and state governments to rebuild resilience, water infrastructure, internet, roads, bridges, and more.

These funds are competitive.
ACG Advocacy can help you secure the funding your community deserves. Fill out the form to get started.

Understand the IIJA

The IIJA is a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure. If you’d like to fully understand the many components of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Actclick here for a full breakdown.